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AQUEL is a company founded by a woman with a vision–to change the way water touches you, and the way you touch your water.

We see water differently. AQUEL looks beyond traditional water treatment paradigms–to new patents and technology.

AQUEL water is essential in your kitchen. Freezes clear for ice cubes that won’t taint your drinking water. Boils sweet and smooth for sumptuous teas and espresso, rinses fruits and vegetables without compromise to their organic essence.

In shower, steam and bath, AQUEL protects body, skin and hair. That’s only a beginning. AQUEL takes care of you–and the environment.

Let us be your water company. You’ll love your water.



I have been a builder and leader in the Green Building industry for the last 30 years in Santa Barbara. I thought I knew a fair amount about water until I had the pleasure of working with Dana Harrison of Aquel Water.

This last year I completed a prototype all green residential project which was documented and featured in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The film “Green from the Ground Up” is also being used as a core curriculum in green building at Santa Barbara City College. A key component of the film and one whole class is dedicated to water treatment systems, purification and healthy drinking water. Aquel Water was my consultant, supplier and subcontractor for the systems we used in our project. What impressed me about Dana was her level of research and commitment to updating the equipment, approach and process of treating water in a way that preserves a precious natural resource and delivers it with quality and attention to health benefits for the consumer. Dana’s testimonials in the film were dynamic and educational for both professionals and the layperson.

We used both the Aquel conditioning system and the Aquel Matisse Drinking Water Bar in our project. I especially liked the water bar’s exclusive feature of offering both filtered mineral water and reverse osmosis water with a device that allows the user to mix quantities at varying levels of preference. I have since then had Dana remove my R0 system from my personal home and replace it with the Matisse system which my family is very pleased with.

The demands and overdrafts on our water resources combined with draughts and contamination issues I believe will make water management, treatment and health eclipse the energy crisis we face in not only California but the nation and elsewhere. The water game and water products have been around for along time in our industry and it is refreshing to see a company like Aquel come along, that does more than treat water like a business, but rather like an opportunity to re-invent the industry and treat water like the vital resource it is - making it deliverable in a healthy and environmentally responsible way. This company will succeed because it does more than sell water systems and because of its founders commitment to quality.

Joe Campanelli
President Campanelli & Associates General Contractors
Director Santa Barbara Education Foundation “Built Green Program”

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We are sooooooooooooooooo happy with our amazing water!!!!! The AQUEL system is absolutely beyond our extremely high expectations. This is a true life quality improvement and overall health benefit for our entire family as well as for the environment. We cannot thank you enough.

Matthew Fisher
Montecito, California


With the current water shortage I had no idea how much water I could save by treating our water correctly. It takes so much less water now for all water-use tasks, things like washing hands, rinsing vegetables, washing dishes, showering, laundry. Soap suds up beautifully, and rinse away free and clear, leaving hair and skin so soft, naturally.

I like not having to depend on chemical cleansers and conditioners. I have no chlorine or chlorine smell in my home. My home is a healthier home. Not just the way it feels, but how my water functions as a solvent, saving me water, energy, costs. I would recommend AQUEL to everyone who uses water.

Elaine Abercrombie
Broker/Owner, Abercrombie Fine Homes


The AQUEL water bar has been a great addition to our home. We love the convenience – no more lugging of water bottles up the stairs and not running to the grocery store for bottled water. We love the taste – with or without minerals. Our cat “Oscar” loves the mineral water best and can’t wait for us to turn on the faucet! We love the multiple uses – the R.O. water is great for detoxing, for our steam iron and the tea kettle (no mineral residue); besides drinking, the mineral water is great for cleaning vegetables and watering plants. We love the look – the faucet goes well with our new kitchen sink and faucet and blends in beautifully.

Barbara & Bruce Scollin
Santa Barbara, California


On behalf of the staff and Board at the Community Environmental Council, I want to thank you for the awesome filtering system you and Jim installed in our office kitchen. It allows us to fill our individual water bottles with fresh, clean water and avoid the waste of purchasing disposable bottled water.

The water bar is not only an esthetically pleasing set up, but having the option of two unique water selections meets every one’s preferences for health, tea/coffee and plain drinking water choices.

We are all thrilled! Thank you again for your support.

Dave Davis
CEO/Executive Director
Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara, California

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I love the options my Aquel Waterbar provides. My naturopath recommends reverse osmosis for my main drinking water but suggests that I also include some mineral water. With my Aquel Waterbar I have both, from one system, one faucet.

Diane Smeding
Toronto, Canada


I’ve been in the design and construction industry for 20 years, heard hundreds of vendors talk about their products but I’ve never heard anyone as knowledgeable and passionate about the quality of water as Dana Harrison. Dana came to our office several years ago and spoke about what Aquel has to offer, we were sold. We purchased two systems for our office and have been enjoying our water ever since. They are easy to use, simply to maintain and have saved us a lot of money compared to the bottled water we were purchasing prior to installing the Aquel systems. Thanks Dana for our wonderful tasting water.

Hudson Pruitt, RA
Design Department Manager, Hartman Baldwin Design/Build

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I wanted to thank you for inventing such a simple and effective water treatment system. The Ojai water is quite hard, and the soft water generated is terrific. No electrical, ease of installation, and quite affordable. I am recommending Aquel to all who asks me about water softeners and filtration systems. Keep up the great work.

Larry Wilde
Owner and Broker, Coldwell Banker Property Shoppe
Ojai, California

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I teach Green Building at Santa Barbara City College and have had Dana Harrison talk to my classes about water quality over the years. So I have been following her work with Aquel for a while now. When I decided I could afford water treatment for my own home, I began to research all the available water treatment options. I was impressed with Aquel's program, and when I found out that the #1 green builder in town was installing a system in his home, I felt in good company. Since I've had the whole-house tanks installed my home's water has felt better, and I love the undersink RO/filtered water mixer option--a great idea to customize drinking water. I'm quite happy with my Aquel product.

Patrick Foster
Director, Construction Academy
Santa Barbara City College

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To all potential buyers of the Aquel system: I bought my first Aquel water system in 2003 for a remodeled duplex. Providing soft water to avoid hard water spotting for the new fixtures and appliances was the driving factor but as I got to know the Aque l team and they educated me about the options and why Aquel has a competitive advantage, the choice became more clear. The Aquel team was always pleasant and proactive in helping with services in a gentle, caring way that felt right.

Then in 2008 I got married and had a child. We also lost my Mom to cancer and our awareness of environmental factors and what role they can play in our food and water became more important than ever. We wanted to protect our little family and we had tenants too. Being precautionary made sense for the best quality of life, so with the help of the Aquel team we invested and added what became known as the "Whole Home Water Treatment" to our system.

Fast forward to 2013. Three kids, returning from living abroad and we were renting a little house w/o any system. Boy could we tell a difference. The Whole Home system removes all kinds of bad stuff and if you are exposed to the regular water provided in our area you'll think your bath tub is a swimming pool. The smell of the chlorine alone was enough to get us motivated for an Aquel.

We settled on a new home and pre-­‐ordered our new system and got great consulting from the Aquel team once again. They bent over backwards to help us select the absolute right system for today and tomorrow, even configuring it for high capacity teenage boys coming in the next 10 years.

Choosing to invest a third time was simple. The Aquel twin tank system along with Dana and her team protect our family of five everyday. We aren't chemists or specialists but we can tell the difference in the feel of the water and know that we made the right choice. One of the best advancements has been the new water bar that gives us both high capacity RO and even more squeaky clean drinking water than what we get our of the shower heads. The best part is we couldn't be happier knowing our kids are safe, we are safe and that we are getting the best possible water we can. Three systems in 12 years and if we needed to, we would buy again. We Love Aquel.

The Sillers
Goleta, California


After researching different water systems for the house we decided on Aquel Water Systems which I had seen on display at the Ferguson Bath and Kitchen gallery in Santa Barbara. We chose the AQSoftMax system for the hot water throughout the house to counteract the extreme hardness of the water in the Santa Ynez Valley - less abrasive on the washing machine and dishwasher plumbing and gentle on the skin too! In the kitchen we chose the dual sink faucet that uniquely dispenses a choice of reverse osmosis water for the coffee maker etc (with a separate line to the refrigerator for sparkling ice cubes) plus filtered mineral water - both great tasting and superior to bottled water. I highly recommend Aquel - well designed systems, easy to maintain, and with the back-up of knowledgeable, helpful personnel to answer any questions and for service.

Margaret Hughes
Santa Ynez Valley, California


I am pleased to recommend the water filtering products from Aquel Inc. When I moved to Santa Barbara in 2010, my realtor told me that the local water was supply was very hard and I would need a water softening system. He directed me to Ferguson’s and they connected me with sales representative from Aquel Inc.

Although she was promoting her own products, she educated me about the local water supply as well as the benefits of buying an eco-friendly product. Although the system was slightly more expensive then other competitors in the Ferguson store, Aquel’s quality and performance has been excellent. In addition, Aquel has always promptly supported the product for different services needs such as replacement filters.

I highly recommend Aquel for all your home water treatment needs.

Anthony R. Perez, CEO

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A couple months ago my plumber advised me that the Water Softener/Filtration system in my home was not suited for the well water in my district. I was having a number of issues with my Instant Water Heaters and some faucet valves. The plumber recommended Aquel Inc. who designs systems based on the needs of each user. Dana Harrison at Aquel Inc. asked me to furnish her the water report for my water district which I did. It was a detailed report which included all the minerals and their levels.

Shortly after that my custom designed Soft Water/Filtration system was installed. I’m happy to report the water tastes the best ever and the water feels wonderful in the shower. I am hoping my decision to switch to Aquel Inc. will pay dividends in the future in terms of less labor and replacement parts.

Wayne Benner
Santa Barbara, California

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The AQUEL whole-home water system is fantastic—I can feel the difference in the water while showering and washing my hands. My dishes, clothes, sinks, everything that comes into contact with the water has improved. Additionally, I added the drinking water filter. Everyone in my family is drinking more water because it tastes so good!

Kathleen Schafer
Ojai, California


Just wanted to give you an update on our experience with the new system and the water quality.

The System is A-OK — working stellar to date. The soft water and RO gets better with each drop of water coming out of the faucets. We love it and feel like we are treated to a spa daily. We are especially thrilled to know that the investment contributes to our good health and well-being.

Thank you for your passion and commitment to the softest and purest water possible!

Carol Colao
Santa Barbara, California


Love my new water system!!!!!!! It uses less potassium and the water tastes great !!
Thank you.

Chuck Cunningham
Santa Ynez, California



My husband and I love the Aquel water system! The water tastes great!! We've been using a countertop filtration system for the last few years, which had become a pain to keep refilling. Now we just turn on the faucet and have delicious water at our fingertips. We are also very pleased with the water softening system -- the water is not too soft at all. Where we live in Ojai, the water is really hard. Since installation of the water softener, I can feel a big difference. In fact, my hair feels softer and is much more manageable after washing. The support is excellent -- Dana is very knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions. I can't recommend Aquel highly enough!!

Karen Snyder and Gregg Olson
Ojai, California


After living with high mineral content water for a number of years, the filter and water system installed by Aquel for our home improved our water quality immensely, avoiding calcification concerns and potential drinking water risks, and has given us peace of mind for all our water needs. Aquel clearly understands how to address water quality issues, and our system was designed, and installed quickly with professional expertise, superior customer service, and no problems whatsoever. Since then, we have been running smoothly without issues, and we have installed a second Aquel system for our guest house. We are very happy with our Aquel systems and would recommend Aquel without reservations.

The Pattersons
Buellton, California


I recently had AQUEL Water design and install a whole home filtration system for my new home and I could not be happier! The system Dana designed for our family is perfect. I have known Dana Harrison for years. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and hard working professional who designs state of the art yet affordable solutions for her clients. As a realtor, I have referred many of my own clients to AQUEL — all have loved their new water.

I would never go anywhere else. AQUEL water and Dana Harrison are the best!

Kristina Novak
Realtor with Engel & Völkers Santa Ynez


Hi Dana,

What a beautiful day! I want you to know how much we are enjoying our new water system. I am so happy we put this in now so that our new fixtures and appliances will only be using clean, soft water.

Anne Schowe


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