Filtration Series

Filtration Series: Whole Home Filters.

Sustainability is our foundation.

After all, there's only one of you. And most of you - is water.™

Installs Installs main water inlet, pre softener
Addresses Chlorine, Chloramines, Disinfectant Off-gassing, Water Off-Taste, Odor, Particulate.
Who loves it Anybody who wants only treated water to touch their skin and body.
Description Self-regenerating whole home custom filter protects you, your environment and your aesthetic water aspirations.
How it works Organic coconut shell carbon with mediaguard option (model no AQFilterMax series) or virgin activated carbon with catalytic functionality (model no AQFilterMaxUltima series) physically adsorbs impurities and rinses them away when system regenerates to clean its media bed, typically once every 30 days.
Key benefits
  • Regenerate water is 100% reclaimable.
  • Filtration media is recyclable.
  • No routine maintenance is required.
  • Uses no more energy than a doorbell.
  • Plants love it.
Maintenance Filter change Intervals: Every 5 years

Model No. AQFilterMax15 (chlorine care; 3/4" to 1" lines)

Model No. AQFilterMax22 (chlorine care;1" to 1 1/4" lines)

Model No. AQFilterMax35 (chlorine care; 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" lines)

Model No. AQFilterMaxUltima15 (chlorine plus chloramine care; 3/4" - 1" lines)

Model No. AQFilterMaxUltima22 (chlorine plus chloramine care; 1" - 1-1/4")

Model No. AQFilterMaxUltima35 (chlorine plus chloramine care; 1-1/4" - 1-1/2")

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