Clarification Series

Clarification Series: Clarified Drinking Water.

The sky is our future.

After all, there’s only one you. And most of you - is water.™

Installs Under sink, point of use.
Addresses Drinking, cooking water.
Who loves it Anybody who thinks and drinks outside the bottle - and achieves new dreams by doing so.
Why Waterstone
  • Functionally beautiful faucets support AQUEL dual drink technology.
  • Partner with AQUEL AQDrinkMCB, AQDrinkRO, and AQWaterBar™
  • 6 styles and 31 finishes plus solid stainless steel.
  • Low lead, Cal Green, ASME, NSF61, CSA & Mass Code Approved.
  • Hot & Cold faucets to compliment your AQUEL water suite.
  • Accessories in traditional and contemporary styles.
Drink 1: Simplicity

Model No. AQDrinkMCB. Single Stage Micron Carbon Block System.

Filters your drink water using micron carbon block technology in a compact single stage configuration with a quick change design that assures both simplicity and excellent chemical reduction.

Sediment, Taste & Odor, Chlorine, Lead, Cysts, Mercury, Asbestos, Atrazine, Lindane, Turbidity, Particulate 1. Ideal for master and guest bath.

Drink 2: Transparency

Model No. AQDrinkRO. Four Stage Micron Carbon Block 75gpd Reverse Osmosis System.

Clarifies your drink water using micron carbon block and reverse osmosis technology in a four-stage streamlined design with 3.0 gallon reverse osmosis reservoir for compact single footprint installation.

Sediment, Taste & Odor, Chlorine, Dissolved Minerals, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Hexavalent and Trivalent Chromium, Copper, Cyst, Fluoride, Lead, Radium, Selenium, Turbidity.

Drink 3: Designer Dual Drink

Model No. AQWaterBar. Dual Micron Carbon Block With 75gpd Four Stage Reverse Osmosis System for New Freedom of Choice Drinking.

Choose organically filtered or reverse osmosis water. It's a water lover’s No 1 in Taste and a culinary artist's No 1 kitchen tool. Streamlined single footprint for compact installation. Supported by special dual drink faucets by Waterstone in 6 styles and 31 finishes plus solid stainless steel.

Maintenance Physical filter interval changes: 6 - 12 months.
Sizing -75gpm for Residential Applications

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