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Whole Home Profiler. Kitchen Profiler.
  • Whole Home Filtration Series (AQfiltermax15, -22 , or -35 or AQfltermaxUltima15, -22, -35)


  • Whole Home Softening Series (AQsoftmax15, -22 or -35, or AQtwinsoft10, -15 or -22)


The Difference Between Whole Home Filters and Softeners.


Filtration Series addresses chlorine & chlorine sister chemicals, chloramines, chlorine off gassing, particulate, sediment, organic impurities, water off-taste, and odor.


Softening Series addresses hard water mineral damage, adding 7-plus years to appliance life-spans, protecting plumbing infrastructure and hot water heaters, saving water and energy.


Why choose the Aquel Waterbar™


Key Difference Between Single and Twin Tank Softener: Our twin tank system uses water sensor and analyzer technology to self-adjust it’s performance parameters to a thinking intuitive control valve - no other softener can do this.

  • Drinking Clarification Series (AQwaterbar; AQdrinkRO; AQdrinkMCB)


The Difference Between our Three Drink Water Systems.


Our patented AQwaterbar™ creates filtered and reverse osmosis waters both. The AQdrinkRO delivers reverse osmosis water only. The AQdrinkMCB delivers micron block filtered water only.


How to Choose your AQUEL Drink Water System.


Only the AQUEL Waterbar™ gives you two (2) waters to choose from.

  • Lowest 1-1 rejection RO water
  • Micron filtered water for optimized water savings and new water taste choices.


AQUEL Drink Water Protection.


Our drink water system replaces bottled water dependency. Our micron block technology delivers enhanced physical filtration. Our RO system footprint is compact, streamlined, and efficient. Our whole home filters address the broadest range of water contaminants. Our whole home twin sensor softeners show you water and energy savings, month after month.

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